Blockchain Financial SuperStaking Pool

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This SuperStaking pool was opened with the next purposes in mind:

  • Support the Onix network with an always live staking instance.
  • Serve as a fallback for the staking network.
  • Add an income stream from its existing hardware infrastructure.

Pool details:

  • SuperStaker address: XEGwea1yVR8bKucPzWRS6nSS3SSio1D44t Copy address  Check on the block explorer
  • Delegate fee: 10% (standard network rate)
  • Bootstrapping funds: 250,000 ONIX
  • Funding source: BCF CEO's personal GRWI/ONIX swap.
  • Starting date: November 4, 2021.
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A portion of earnings will be given back to the community

BCF has agreed to give a portion of earnings back to the community. Details pending disclosure.

Learn how to delegate your ONIX to this pool