Important Announcement

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We would like to inform all the Onix community members, with no exception, that Blockchainfinancial, which is the platform hosting the swap from GRWI to ONIX got attacked on Dec 08th at 17:42 (CST). 

The hacker was successfully able to access the exchange private database, withdrawing different coins from multiple accounts out of the platform. Unfortunately, GRWI and ONIX were also targeted by the hacker, stealing a large portion of the coins that were designated for the swap pool, hosted by the platform. 

Having coins in the hands of a hacker does no good for the project as a whole as well as to the community.

In order to find the best solution to reverse the damage caused, a decision was taken by the team to fork the blockchain with all the existing information, from the creation of the genesis block up to block  #54786, which was confirmed at 17:51 (2 minutes before the block #54787, which has the first withdrawal of stolen onix).Therefore,  block #54787 will be rewritten, and all blocks after that one will be invalidated.

Such action would remove the damage caused, bringing back the coins stolen to the original pool, serving its original purpose which is to allow GRWI holders to swap their holdings to ONIX. 


How does this might affect you? 

1) All transactions, including sending or receiving Onix, as well  as any staking rewards earned after Dec 08th 17:42 (CST) will be removed, as if it had never happened.

2) The starting point of the blockchain after the fork will be, as mentioned above, one block before the transaction made by the hacker. Therefore, your wallet and coins will be intacted, carrying all the information up to that date.

3) Onix giveaway will be put on pause until the fork has been concluded. We will resume the community distribution once the new chain is live. 

4) GRWI to Onix swap will be put on pause until further notice.


Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of further questions. We are currently working on the fork process and we will keep the community updated.


Onix team.